Elmer Buehler Award

2020: Libby Burke, for her work preserving and interpreting films made from 1939 to 1987 by Bonneville Power Administration

2019: Heather Petrocelli, for her work preserving films made from 1969 to 1981 by the students of PSU’s Center for the Moving Image

2018: Sheldon Renan, for his work as founding director of Pacific Film Archive, now BAMPFA, in Berkeley

2017: Michele Kribs, for her decades of work as moving image archivist at Oregon Historical Society, and specifically for her work preserving THE BOY MAYOR (1914)

2016: Gary Lacher, for decades of work preserving films, and for his dedication as a volunteer educating the next generation about analog film

2015: Richard Blue, for his work preserving THE OLIVE TREES OF JUSTICE (1962), directed by James Blue

Elmer Buehler

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