THE 2020 CONFERENCE HAS BEEN POSTPONED. A new date will be set, when the country is out of the Corona virus danger zone. Thank you for your patience!


The Oregon Film History Conference is an annual day long conversation about Oregon film, animation and print cartooning history for educators, historians, curators, librarians, archivists and filmmakers. It is small in size, and designed to encourage interdisciplinary engagement, open ended discussion, and professional networking. 


Director: Anne Richardson, anne@oregonfilmhistoryconference.org

Film archivist: Dennis Nyback, arburyhall@gmail.com

Planning committee: Libby Burke, Michele Kribs, Elizabeth Peterson, Anne Richardson

2020 Guest curator (animation history): Ellen Thomas

2021 Guest curator (print cartooning history): Richard Gehr

Past speakers: Richard Blakeslee, Jim Blashfield, Richard Blue, Libby Burke, Tom Chamberlin, David Chelsea, Alexander Benjamin Craghead, David Cress, Harry Dawson, Walt Dimick, Randy Finley, Gus Frederick, Richard Gehr, Gretchen Harmon, Paul Harrod, Brooke Jacobson, Ron Kramer, Gary Lacher, Marne Lucas, Worth Mathewson, Donald Newlands, Dennis Nyback, Julie Perini, Elizabeth Peterson, Bill Plympton, Sheldon Renan, Anne Richardson, Mike Richardson, Patrick Rosenkranz, Steve Stone, Larry Telles, Ellen Thomas, Ben Truwe, Will Vinton, Monte Wolverton

Past participants: Carl Abbott, Gwen Asbury, Bill Baars, Kevin Beasley, Laura Berg, Richard Blue, Rose Bond, Sam Bott, Bill Bowling, Sean Brown, Will Bruder, Katherine Bruna, David Bryant, Libby Burke, Mac Burns, Devin Busby, E. J. Carter, David Chelsea, Lisa Cicala, Patricia Clark-Finley, Hector Cobb, Alanna Colwell, John Concillo, S. W. Conser, Laurence Cotton, Hannah Crumme, Melissa Delzio, John Dennis, Ira Deutchman, Rich Dubnow, Damon Eckhoff, Milan Erceg, Bill Failing, Larry Fong, James Fox, Diane Freaney, Michael Friend, Laurie Gabriel, Mary K. Gallagher, Fellene Gaylord, Gretchen Harmon, Kohel Haver, David Hedberg, Sebastian Heiduschke, James Hillegas-Elting, Eric Hillerns, Kami Horton, Abigail Howard, Michael Huntsberger, Brooke Jacobson, Matthew Johnston, Jody Jorgenson, Jerry Ketel, Ron Kramer, Gary Lacher, Lois Leonard, Ross Lienhart, Brian Lord, Taz Loomans, Christopher Lucas, Matt McCormick, Tom McFadden, Zach Margolis, Roberta Margolis, Teresa McQuisten, Frann Michel, David Milholland, Marc Mohan, Karen Munro, Nancy Niland, Dennis Nyback, Kenneth O’Connell, Cecelia Otto, Phil Oppenheim, Erik Palmer, John Patterson, John Paul, Elizabeth Peterson, Heather Petrocelli, Ben Popp, Ingrid Renan, Sheldon Renan, Anne Richardson, Mike Richardson, Brad Robison, Louise Roman, Patrick Rosenkrantz, Charlotte Rubin, Stephen Rust, Joe Sacco, Bryan Sebok, Mark Shapiro, Hunter Shobe, Larry Shlim, Janice Shokrian, Kaye Silver, Khris Soden, Eric Slade, Tim Smith, Brad Studstrup, Jennifer Stoots, Randall Stuart, Meg Suhosky, Larry Telles, Ned Thanhauser, Ellen Thomas, John Urang, Eric Underwood, Kate Wagle, Andreas Wallach, Chel White, Wim Wiewel, Tim Williams, Katherine Wilson, Precious Yamaguchi

Event manager: Gretchen Harmon

AV: Brad Robison

Catering: Jenna Sarowitz

Photography: Ned Thanhauser

Web advice: Fellene Gaylord

Hospitality: 2018 UO White Stag Auditorium, thank you Elizabeth Peterson; 2019 & 2020 Lewis & Clark College Council Chamber, thank you Matthew Johnston

Sponsors: Oregon Film, Oregon Film Museum, James Blue Alliance


Founded in 2007, Oregon Cartoon Institute uses new media, archival film, research, and cross disciplinary discussion to explore Oregon film, animation, and print cartooning history.  It has no brick and mortar presence, and always works in partnership with organizations which do. 

Co-founders: Anne Richardson & Dennis Nyback

Director: Anne Richardson

Archivist: Dennis Nyback

Board of directors: Laura Berg, Bill Crawford, Eric Hillerns, Sheldon Renan, Anne Richardson

Advisory board: Carl Abbott, David Chelsea, Bill Plympton, Ned Thanhauser, Ben Truwe

What People Say

I absolutely loved the range of speakers, topics and disciplines and so many connections everywhere.

  • Donald Newlands, NC3D

I continue to really like the mix of the obscure with the well-known, the current with the early days.

Mac Burns, Oregon Film Museum

It’s really good you’re doing this, Anne.

Bill Plympton, Plymptoons

Let’s build something together.